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Toronto Swedish Folkdancers and Singers

Toronto Swedish Folkdancers and Singers

About Us

The group was founded in 1982 by Ian and Margaretha Ferguson. Their knowledge and joy of Swedish folkdance became a magnet for those who wanted to have fun and develop their skills through traditions of their homeland. Since their inception, the folkdancers have performed every year at SWEA’s annual Christmas Fair held at the Harbourfront Centre. This remains a highlight of our year!
In 1988, Lloyd Thompson came to play for the SWEA Folkdancers. The collaboration between music and dance resulted in new and interesting compilations that are still authentic.
The TSFS now has about 50 members. Most of us dance and sing. We meet regularly to rehearse our choral and dance repertoire. Our goal is to share our love for Swedish choral music and folkdance and welcome opportunities to perform for all audiences.

Our Mission Statement

The organization provides an opportunity for native-born Swedes, for persons of Swedish ancestry, and for others interested in knowing more about Swedish culture, to learn song and dance repertoire that is primarily Swedish in origin or by adoption. Our mission is to broaden the members’ awareness and appreciation of the existing variety of choral and dance music and to strive to improve performing skills with a view to sharing this rich heritage with the Scandinavian community and the community at large through performances and concerts.